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The single most important mission of a good institution is to equip young men and women with knowledge, skill and personal attribute consistent with the need of society. Keeping this in view the ALWAR NURSING COLLEGE continuously strive to maintain qualitative environment, which is conducive for effective learning.
Our focus is on overall development of an individual geared towards addressing not only the ongoing health challenges but also emerging existing health issues.
We strongly believe that the nursing students are responsible and accountable for quality nursing practice thus they need to be appropriately trained, oriented and directly supervised by qualified and experienced faculty.
Our all staff doing hard work to prepare nurse developing ability to cooperate and coordinate with member of health team.
The staff of this institute supports health care reform efforts to improve quality and access to care to maximize nursing

expertise through critically evaluating the elements of nursing care and eliminate those that are inefficient, are not integral to improve patient care delivery, patient satisfaction, and optimal outcomes for safe, accountable and responsible practice.
We are using student friendly latest technology for teaching.
I take this opportunity of congratulating you on your decision for choosing ALWAR NURSING COLLEGE to pursue your dreams in making nursing a professional career.
With regards,

(Prof. Abhishek Sharma)


Alwar Nursing College, Tijara Road Alwar(Raj.) (Recognized Indian Nursing Council and RUHS Jaipur )
Phone No:- 0144-2730805, Fax No:- 0144-2732807, Mob.- 992847376, 9829565648